amy brandon (guitarist)

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solo guitar & electroacoustic music

press & quotes

  • " .. mesmerizing nylon-string guitar work. Anchored by a droning backdrop of stretched and scrambled guitar sounds, she traced rapid, tangling trajectories in a performance that was one of the festival’s highlights."

  • "Amy Brandon's music is a wondrous and mysterious landscape. The constantly shifting interplay of delicate guitar work and electronic washes is an intricate dance of ancient and futuristic sounds. [Her] technique is an understated kind of virtuosity, with an emotional weight to it that serves to draw the listener in to her world ..."

    Guitarist & Composer
  • ".. [she has] created a whole language of her own as a composer .. you are getting in on the ground floor of something great .."

    Guitarist & JUNO winner, 2014
    (as quoted in The Truro Daily News, October 27, 2015)
  • "Her warm and resonant guitar-work contrasted with the recorded soundscapes, which were much more varied and unexpected. Sometimes they were dissonant and abrasive and metallic, other times attenuated and whispering and reminding one of birds calling or winds rushing ... The result was immersive and multi-layered..."

  • "Brandon’s hypnotic music ... disorients its audience, surreptitiously enveloping the listener in rich, unfamiliar surroundings."

  • "... cascading arpeggios and harmonic language evoke an unplugged Ben Monder ... "

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New album 'Scavenger' released June 2016.

Nominated for 'Classical Recording of the Year 2016' by Music Nova Scotia
and 'Classical Composition of the Year' by the 2017 East Coast Music Awards.

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A guitar & cognition blog


Holding degrees in jazz guitar performance and composition, Amy is currently completing an interdisciplinary PhD in music cognition at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She has performed internationally (Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK) and at several festivals including the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, the Guitar Now Festival, Halifax Jazz Festival Spring Series and the 2016 Open Waters Experimental Music Festival. In 2015-16 she attended the Banff Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, Interplay with the Vancouver Chamber Choir as well as an Atlantic Centre for the Arts residency with composer Myra Melford. In addition to performance and composition, she writes and presents academic work concerning cognition and guitar expertise. She has presented her work at conferences in Australia, Switzerland, Hungary and the UK, as well as published in Just Jazz Guitar magazine.


February 13-March 3: 'Concert in the 21st Century' @ Banff Centre, Alberta

February 26-28: Improvising Brain III @ Georgia State, Atlanta

March 14-18: Tour with pianist Yakir Arbib @ The Maritimes, Canada

March 31: Women Composer's Festival @ Hartford, CT

April 27-29: BeAST FeAST Electronic Music Festival @ Birmingham, UK

May 28-June 2: Tour with guitarists Emily Shaw & Craig Visser @ The Maritimes, Canada